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Dungeons 3 Activation Code And Serial Key ((HOT))

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Dungeons 3 activation code and serial key

  • the activation code is generated and stored locally on the client computer. this will be used to validate the client license key. the activation code must be valid for as long as the license key is valid, or otherwise it will not be valid for that license key. there are two ways to validate the activation code: if you use a mac, the key is validated as the computer enters the license key's mac range.

  • if you use a unique key, the key is validated using the key's hash (sha-1 or sha-256).

a license key is a 128-bit number that is valid for a single activation. the key can be generated randomly, but i prefer to generate it using some unique hardware identifier (like a mac or cpu serial number) that is unique to the particular computer. that way, the license key won't be the same for every computer: you know it's unique to your computer and can't be used for any other computer, but it's not so long that it takes a lot of time to generate.

the license key is generated by the client computer and sent to the activation server. the server has the corresponding license key database and will return an activation code if the key exists in the database. if the key doesn't exist, the activation code will be different and the software will not be activated.

the license key is checked in the software itself at startup and is not checked again by the activation code or any other mechanism. note that this doesn't prevent you from using your license key for another activation, so long as it's different from the one that is already in use.


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