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Tengai [CRACKED]

tengai, the work of furhat robotics, achieves its human-like status by using a back-projected facial animation system. this includes a head-shaped display which features an opaque mask onto which pretty lifelike looking faces can be projected. this mask can be changed depending on its use, allowing the disembodied bust to take on various personalities. it also comes with a selection of pre-built expressions and gestures which can be further customized to fit any character.


Tengai Kisou's name comes from an alternate Japanese name for the plant, "kisou tengai" (奇想天外), which translates to fantastic, bizarre, or unexpected. The two words in the name are reversed, mimicking Kasou Touchu's naming scheme. Likewise, the name for its leg parts (Namib-Rohdea) comes from another alternate Japanese name, "sabaku-omoto (サバクオモト) or "Desert Rohdea". 041b061a72


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