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Zimatar Full Movie Tagalog Version

Zimatar Full Movie Tagalog Version

Zimatar is a 1982 Filipino action-adventure-fantasy film directed by Ricky Santiago and Jose Flores Sibal. It stars J.C. Bonnin as the titular character, a young warrior who must save his kingdom from an evil sorcerer. The film also features Ace Vergel, Al Tantay, Michael De Mesa, Rosemarie Gil, Tony Carreon, Lucita Soriano, Ruel Vernal, Leila Hermosa, Dely Atay-atayan, Jing Abalos, and Leo Delfin in supporting roles.

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The film is based on a story by Piel Tiongco, who also wrote the screenplay. The film was produced by Good Harvest, Larry Santiago Productions, and Regal Entertainment. It was released on October 1, 1982 in the Philippines and became a box office hit. The film was praised for its action scenes, special effects, and production design. It was also nominated for several awards at the FAMAS Awards, the Metro Manila Film Festival Awards, and the Gawad Urian Awards.

Plot Summary

The film follows the adventures of Zimatar, the youngest son of King Dalmacius of Zalonia. King Dalmacius has three sons by his first wife: Zimatar, Zaldy, and Zandro. His new Queen Farida is pregnant with his fourth child and he hopes for a daughter. However, his wish is not granted as his child is stillborn. A hermit named Zor tells him that he can have a daughter if he sends Zimatar to fetch the nectar of the Golden Flower from the Valley of Death.

Zimatar agrees to go on the quest and sets off with his loyal horse Zorro. Along the way, he encounters various dangers and enemies, such as a giant snake, a tribe of cannibals, a band of robbers, and a dragon. He also meets and falls in love with Princess Zarina of Zaragosa, who joins him on his journey. Meanwhile, Zaldy and Zandro plot to overthrow their father and seize the throne with the help of an evil sorcerer named Zalazar.

Zimatar eventually reaches the Valley of Death and finds the Golden Flower guarded by a fierce lion. He manages to defeat the lion and obtain the nectar. However, he is ambushed by Zalazar and his minions on his way back. Zalazar reveals that he is the one who cursed Farida's child and that he plans to use the nectar to create a powerful army of mutants. He also reveals that he has captured Zarina and threatens to kill her if Zimatar does not surrender the nectar.

Zimatar refuses to give up the nectar and fights against Zalazar and his forces. He is aided by Zor, who turns out to be a powerful wizard and an ally of King Dalmacius. Together, they manage to defeat Zalazar and rescue Zarina. They also expose Zaldy and Zandro's treachery and restore King Dalmacius to his rightful place. King Dalmacius thanks Zimatar for his bravery and gives him his blessing to marry Zarina. He also gives Farida the nectar of the Golden Flower, which miraculously revives her child and turns it into a healthy baby girl.

Where to Watch

Zimatar Full Movie Tagalog Version is not available on any streaming platforms or online video sites as of now. However, you can watch some clips and trailers of the film on [Videospace], [IMDb], or [The Movie Database]. You can also search for DVD copies of the film on online marketplaces like [Ebay] or [Amazon]. However, be aware that these copies may be rare or expensive.


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