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[S2E29] The Anniversary: Part 2 LINK

He is one of the only tamagotchis to know of Lovelitchi's secret identity before she revealed herself in "Listen! Lovelin's Confession" and went as far as dressing up as her in "In Hot Pursuit of Lovelin!" to throw Uwasatchi and Spacytchi off her trail. He will also do his best to help Lovelitchi, such as when he wanted to be her skating partner in "A Sparkling Debut! Lovelin's Skating Lessons". In "Decisive Moment! Photo Contest", KuroMametchi had a moment of infatuation while secretly taking a photo of Lovelin for a photography contest.

[S2E29] The Anniversary: Part 2

In GO-GO Tamagotchi!, he attends DoriTama School. In addition, the newcomer Neenetchi has a crush on him, and her little brother Orenetchi idolizes him. In contrast to Mametchi and Himespetchi, he appears to be aware of Neenetchi's affections, but chooses to ignore them. However, in "Shining Smiles! Happy Tamaween", he willingly dances with her during the Halloween party. Kuromametchi starts a soccer team in My Turn! DoriTama Eleven and recruits other Tamagotchis who are interested and like playing soccer. The eventually team faces off against a team from TamaGoLand in "Fierce Fight! World Tama Cup". After a fierce match, Kuromametchi's team wins and earns a trophy.

From The First encounter with Captain Blot to the most epic rescue to the Lougers' allies against an extremist rat rights fighter, the complicated adventures of the Lougers becomes more noticeable wherein certain episodes, they become curious of growing secrets in the darkness. Spyro learning horrible details of his kind's legacy, a hidden plot by a mysterious foe from the past, The truth about who Darkness Qui really is, the motivations of a delusional and xenophobic pony named Pred Judu Des, A tragic truth of Celestia's unconventional motivations, and most of all, Xehanort's strange behavior. All the while, the trouble doesn't fall short. A crew of misfit psyco pirate animals and mythical creatures seeking a treasure of a supposedly mythical keyblade weilding pirate overlord, a mutant shark with a dark history, a park filled with malfunctioning robot dinosaurs tainted by Qui's new ally, a gang of thugs with an odd hatred for sponges, a cursed duo of overly attractive thieves, a foul-tempered cyberconnected dragon senator, an oil tycoon with more to him then what is steriotypically believed, a tyrant from a planet of Icky's spieces, several misguided super-powered goverment figures, a malfuntioning video game, a jealious nefew of Celestia and tragicity stricten allies, a pacsifist darkspawn, an old foe of a foul-tempered cop, a vengeful teenage bitch from Twilight's past, a brain-pod lawyer, a cancer patient who mutanted into a vampire, alternate universe space pirates and a rotten anti-pirate governer, a darkspawn with a rare complincated mental illness, a jerk-off xenophobic viking, a vengeful assassin griffin, a good cop gone bad, an army of sentient heartless and a tainted Night Fury, a tragic mother deer turn violent cause of idiot rednecks, Rat Pirates, and more then even what is shown. It also includes an episode based on the original start of the original star wars series, Batty coping with the loss of Robin William's unexpected departure, Hiccup's new position as leader after another unexpected departure of Stoick, the lougers knowing more of the history of the universes and the worlds they're in, as they get many new allies along the way and continue their quest on keeping villains from screwing the universe up.

Proposal for a page that catalogues every reference/homage/parody that other media have made to One Piece. Right now many characters (I think all of the Straw Hats, in particular) have a section in their respective Trivia tabs dedicated to this, but that strikes me as a little unwieldy. Putting all of them in one place would, I hope, make it easier for people to find and contribute to. 041b061a72


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