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Buy Encryption Software

Whether it's securing the cloud, meeting compliance mandates or protecting software for the Internet of Things, organizations around the world rely on Thales to accelerate their digital transformation.

buy encryption software

Enterprises buy hardware security modules to protect transactions, identities, and applications, as HSMs excel at securing cryptographic keys and provisioning encryption, decryption, authentication, and digital signing services for a wide range of applications.

Luna Network HSM is a network-attached HSM protecting encryption keys used by applications in on-premises, virtual, and cloud environments. Luna Network HSMs are both the fastest and most secure HSMs on the market. Increase your return on investment by allowing multiple applications or business units to share a common HSM platform.

Available in network attached and PCIe form factors, ProtectServer Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) are designed to protect cryptographic keys against compromise while providing encryption, signing and authentication services to secure Java and sensitive web applications.

Luna Cloud HSM services are available on the Thales Data Protection on Demand (DPoD) online marketplace. With Luna Cloud HSM services, customers can store and manage cryptographic keys, establishing a common root of trust across all applications and services, while retaining complete control of their keys at all times. HSMs are also used to perform cryptographic operations such as encryption/ decryption of data encryption keys, protection of secrets (passwords, SSH keys, etc.), and more, across environments.

As threats to user data become increasingly sophisticated and complex, these new features join a suite of other protections that make Apple products the most secure on the market: from the security built directly into our custom chips with best-in-class device encryption and data protections, to features like Lockdown Mode, which offers an extreme, optional level of security for users such as journalists, human rights activists, and diplomats. Apple is committed to strengthening both device and cloud security, and to adding new protections over time.

iCloud already protects 14 sensitive data categories using end-to-end encryption by default, including passwords in iCloud Keychain and Health data. For users who enable Advanced Data Protection, the total number of data categories protected using end-to-end encryption rises to 23, including iCloud Backup, Notes, and Photos. The only major iCloud data categories that are not covered are iCloud Mail, Contacts, and Calendar because of the need to interoperate with the global email, contacts, and calendar systems.

Definition:Banking encryption software automated the encryption process of the banking sector, the standard level of encryption used is 256-bit AES, an advanced encryption standard. The software manages the level of data protection by accredited as equivalent to the same high-level security in the financial institutions and banks. Data security and privacy play an important role in banks sectors/operations maintaining the enterprise level of data protection.

This password manager comes with card templates that make it quick and easy to store credit card details, passwords and login information, software serial numbers, and much more. Just choose a category and copy your data into the fields. Without your master password, no one will ever be able to find this encrypted data.

Our encryption software not only hides your files, but also protects them by putting them in a sparse bundle with AES-256 encryption. Use only the master password or assign a separate password for each file vault to double the protection. Adding files is as simple as dragging and dropping them from the Finder. Easy and effective.

The encryption algorithms used by QuickCrypto are advanced, current and security industry proven (with QuickCrypto encrypted volumes you have a choice from Blowfish, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Serpent or Twofish).

QuickCrypto is one of the very few encryption packages that allows direct access to its encryption algorithms to enable provenance of encryption methods through the confirmation of security/cryptographic 'Test Vectors'.

Of course there is more to providing a sound encryption system than just making sure the 'formulas' are coded correctly. Please see the Cryptographic Standards section below for much more on how QuickCrypto adheres to other professional cryptography standards.

Not all cryptography software is developed using robust and peer reviewed standards, even though the same common algorithm terms will often be included within the sales pitch (DES, AES etc.).It is how these algorithms (and all the required supporting cryptographic functions) have been implemented that counts as much as the concept used.Don't be fooled into using or buying encryption 'snake oil.' Use professional grade encryption implemented in software by experts!

Yes!One of the fundamental reasons why Encryption is not used as much as it could be, is that people find it difficult to use software that easily achieves secure data.QuickCrypto has been designed first and foremost (notwithstanding a pure 'heart' of sound cryptographiocal ability) to be supremely easy to use. Download it and try it out for yourself!

QuickCrypto is advanced Windows based privacy and encryption software. It uses the most powerful algorithms and techniques to ensure your email communication, passwords, all confidential files and information are kept completely secure.

Protect data in tablespaces with transparent data encryption (TDE) and dynamically mask sensitive data returned by database queries with data redaction. Oracle Advanced Security combines these powerful data protection capabilities into a single, easy-to-configure solution.

Transparent data encryption (TDE) stops would-be attackers from bypassing the database and reading sensitive information directly from storage by enforcing data-at-rest encryption in the database layer. Encrypt individual data columns, entire tablespaces, database exports, and backups to control access to sensitive data.

Store and manage keys locally in wallets or centrally with Oracle Key Vault. Encrypt data quickly with system-generated keys or use your own encryption keys with the bring-your-own-key (BYOK) capability.

Encryption software secures data by utilizing encryption algorithms, cryptography, and policy controls to convert data either in transit or stored on network assets into ciphertext, which appears as random, indecipherable data. Encrypted data can only be accessed by users or recipients after it is decoded with the appropriate decryption key. In doing so, encryption software ensures that valuable information can only be accessed by authorized recipients or users and prevents unauthorized access to digital information.

SecureData, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. We provide ultra-secure and innovative data security solutions to our partners and customers worldwide. Our offerings include FIPS-validated hardware-encrypted portable data storage, data backup solutions, and file repair software. Read more

Seagate introduced the first laptop hard drive with built-in encryption in 2007. Since then, the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has defined an SED standard called Opal that has since paved the way for a wide-range of Opal-based SEDs from leading hard drive manufactures like Seagate and Hitachi, flash vendors like Micron and Samsung and external drive providers like CMS. PC vendors like Dell, HP and Lenovo offer these SEDs on a variety of systems, for little to no additional cost. Gartner estimates that in five years all drives will be hardware encrypted. What is an SED?

#2: PerformanceSEDs have integrated encryption hardware, so the result: zero performance impact. For data intensive applications such as scans, backup, and large file operations, SEDs can provide more than double the drive performance of software FDE products.

#3: Stronger SecuritySince the security of SEDs is independent of the operating system, then software attacks on the OS, BIOs, etc. are not effective against SEDs. SEDs are not vulnerable to attacks such as alternative boot approaches using CD or USB keys such as the Evil Maid attack; or memory attacks to discover encryption keys held in systems memory (example: Princeton Cold Boot attack)

#4: Integrated AuthenticationUser authentication is performed by the SED in order to unlock the drive. Authentication cannot be separated from the drive and is performed by a protected pre-boot OS, which is the only software in the system when authentication of the user is performed by the drive.

#5: Transparent to SoftwareSEDs operate at the hardware level making their encryption and authentication functions completely transparent to the system software, including the operating system.

#6: No Encryption Key Management RequiredEncryption keys are generated in the SED controller and they never leave the drive. Thus, there is no requirement to backup, recover or store encryption keys, either locally or centrally.

#7: Ease of UseWith SEDs, users only have to authenticate to the drive at start up and then change passwords/credentials, as required. The result is that encryption is invisible to the user and the full system operates at performance with no impact on user productivity. 041b061a72


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