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Tommy Glasses - Giving Up On Love

I think im in a toxic relationship everytime i find a new job opportunity my boyfriend an his mother always put me down and tell me im not cut out for the job baring in mind hes a mummys boy. He never complements me hes always telling me im being dramatic when i try to confront him about our problems an never wants too solve them an the only time hes nice to me is if hes scared im going to leave him. I really dont know what to do because i love him more than anything but i cant go on giving all the love i can to him and gettin nothing back from him i have been with him 3 years now n he promises to change but never acts on it . Also i always come as a last priority to him with everyone n when i want some time alone with him like normal couples do i just feel like im annoying him n thats hes not enjoying spending time with me if anyone could give me any advice that would be great thanks .

Tommy Glasses - Giving Up On Love

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