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The Weather Girls - Its Raining Men REPACK

"It's Raining Men" was first released to dance club DJs in the United States in mid-1982. The single was then released for 7" single and 12" single in the United States on September 10, 1982. Shortly after the release of the single, the Two Tons changed their name to the Weather Girls after much confusion by press and fans due to the duo introducing themselves as "the weather girls" in the introduction of the song. In 1993, a then-newly recorded version of "It's Raining Men" was released by the Weather Girls, now composed of Izora Armstead and her daughter Dynelle Rhodes, on their sixth album Double Tons of Fun (1993).

The Weather Girls - Its Raining Men

"It's Raining Men" has often been perceived as a gay anthem.[6][15] A campaign was launched on Facebook on January 19, 2014, to get the song to UK number one in response to a UKIP councillor blaming recent UK floods and adverse weather on divine retribution for the British government's introduction of gay marriage.[16] The campaign was reported widely by some press, and the Weather Girls' version reached number 21 on the first day of the chart week.[17] The song re-entered the UK Singles Chart in 2014 at number 31.[18] In 2017, Rolling Stone included the song on their 25 Essential LGBTQ Pride Songs list.[19] In 2018, Billboard ranked the song at number forty-seven on their 50 Best Gay Anthems Of All Time list.[20] The Gay UK ranked the song at number two on their Top 40 Gay Anthems for Pride list.[21] And Time Out ranked it number nineteen in their list of The 50 Best Gay Songs to Celebrate Pride All Year Long in 2022.[22]

The opening sequence of the video features the Weather Girls in a news station. The duo give a forecast prediction that it will rain men from the sky. After looking out of the station window to see the sky raining men, the Weather Girls leap out of the window with their umbrellas to join the men. Several dancers are seen in the music video performing choreography. Another scene features the Weather Girls wearing lingerie on a heart-shaped bed surrounded by and being adored by men. The closing scene shows the duo performing with the male dancers and extras in the music video.

The opening sequence of the accompanying music video for "It's Raining Men... The Sequel" features Martha Wash and RuPaul as the news anchors of the Weather Center. The duo give a forecast prediction that it will rain men from the sky, with several field reporters also reporting similar information. Wash, as a meteorologist and weatherwoman, performs the song in front of a digital map. Several people from around the world start to feel the effects of the forecast and some women are even shown collecting men that fall from the sky into baskets. Several men also appear in the music video, dancing to the song.

Three decades after its original release, the single re-enters the charts thanks to a social media campaign launched in response to David Silvester's remarks that the bad weather is a punishment for its gay marriage laws

"We thought it was a crazy song -- in fact, too crazy to record," recalls Wash, who released the track in 1982 with Izora Armstead (nee, Rhodes) as The Weather Girls. "I kept saying, 'It's raining men? Really? Are you kidding me?'"

Sylvester was the one who discovered Martha and Izora and decided to make them his backup singers. He's also the one that named them Two Tons of Fun. If they were bothered by that, they never said anything. God knows I would've been. Sylvester had several hits with those two on backup. I've seen some people say that the girls probably deserve more credit on those songs than he does. And they also release a [double album cover featuring Two Tons O' Fun and Backatcha] few records without Sylvester, meaning they were both his backup and his opening act. [Clip of performance in Japan] A few of their original songs were big hits on the dance charts, but...this was like 1980, 1981. The disco scene had already died pretty abruptly by that point, so they didn't have any real crossover success.

This routine takes place in front of a city with brightly lit buildings. It is raining heavily and puddles can be seen on the ground. Water droplets appear on-screen as if you were looking through a camera. Every time the dancer performs certain moves, lightning strikes the dancer.

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