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Music Theory Workbook For Guitar Volume One Download

This intro section teaches you the basics of music theory but as often as possible relates it to a guitar fret board. For instance when showing the chromatic scale I relate this to the guitar fret board as seen in the excerpt below:

Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One download

The idea of the exercise above is to fill in where the notes would be on the music staff but also locate those notes on the guitar fret board. The exercise get progressively harder moving through building triads, into 7th chords and then all 7th chords with every possible tension. Below is an example of Major79 chord worksheet:

If you find this way of learning helpful then there are 100 pages of exercises like this in the Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One. . There is even a video edition of the book that gives you 120 videos to make sure you understand every point of the the music theory and also gives you information on how each chord is used in real music. That really helps you see the importance of each chord. I should also mention that there is a Japanese Edition of the Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One for those serious students in Japan. These include more background information on the basic music theory, scale and interval construction, the building of triads and 7th chords, diatonic triads and 7th chords, and tensions. If you just want to quiz yourself on intervals I would highly recommend this digital download that asks you music theory questions based on intervals then provides the answer.

One of the best kept secrets in music teaching is that each key has certain scales, chords, and chord notes that make up the key. When you can think of music in keys, then so many scales and chords become predictable. Fretboard Toolboxes let you see those scales, chords, & chord notes that make up keys, all over your instrument- the music theory that matters most!

Select your instrument from the "Instruments" tab above to download Fretboard Toolbox preview pages - over 1/4 of any Essential or Complete Edition (guitar, mandolin, bass, ukuleles, banjos, & more), including all the instructions and the key of G Major pages. There you can also download free tools for your instrument, or watch videos from the 100+ video library on the Fretboard Toolbox YouTube Channel. Select "200+ Free Jam Tracks" from the "Jam Tracks" link above to practice strumming, work on your scales, improvise solos, or create bass lines with a whole bunch of Jam Tracks (played at 4 speeds each), in the six most common Major, relative minor, & blues keys that people play in.

I've been playing, writing, and recording for more years than I can count! I started JustinGuitar in 2003 - but began teaching way before that. I've been involved in all kind of projects and have worked as a 'sideman' for many artists. Justin "the artist" and Justin "the teacher" are the same person. Making music and teaching the world how to play guitar for free is what I'll do forever.

Below you can see how thousands of guitar teachers around the world take students from the point where they do not play the guitar at all to a place where they can move comfortably between the first eight chords that a beginner needs to learn in time to music

I have been told on more than one occasion by folks who understand the way online marketing works that I should split the resources on this site into a series of $25.00 packs covering kids stuff, adult beginner's, intermediate/advanced and jazz guitar materials, music theory resources and ukulele teaching stuff and that way I would get to earn more money from professional guitar teachers and "repeat customers" '

Use the link above to get a free music theory handout dealing with just about the most important thing (the concept of Major Scales and a way of seeing that they are all follow the same formula) that any guitar player can learn with relation to music theory

In addition to the materials aimed at beginners we also have a range of guitar teaching materials designed to help our students to realise that music theory is a tool to be utilised rather than an obstacle to be avoided or overcome. The freebie that you can get (shown in the illustration above) by following the link below this text helps demonstrate to our students that all keys are the same and how within each key there are a bunch of "useful" chords that can be identified quickly and correctly

The study and repeat of scales and arpeggios and extending a students repertoire of techniques songs and styles. In short it is working on things that they can't yet do. Learning a new song (all of the way through- with an ending, not just the intro). Applying themselves to music theory or working on the basics of a new style (eg Jazz, Country, Funk, Folk, Fingerpicking, Blues etc) with which they are unfamiliar. Practice is that which makes them a better guitar player and not just something to distract them till its time to log on to the internet in order to argue with some other plonker about the best kind of pickup magnets

One from our Bass Guitar Teacher's Toolkit. A Blank five string bass neck that you can print or photocopy before using as the basis for your own tuition. Use this blank to make your own handouts (scan or photocopy them for repeated use). This is just one of the many blank necks, chord grids tab and notation sheets that can be found in the teachwombat Guitar and Bass Teacher's Toolkits the material allows you to make up your own professional looking teaching aids themed around the songs,scales or chord progressions that you want to teach.Guitar Scales for TeachersAnother one from the Guitar Teacher's Toolkit this time featuring the A (natural) Minor Scale through one and two octaves along with a scale formulae and a suggested fretting hand fingering. . Feel Free to use this sheet in the course of your guitar tuition.Smooth running for your Guitar Teaching businessAnother sheet taken from the Guitar Guitar Teacher's Toolkit. The second sheet of a Simple Musicians Accounts system that is designed to help you to make the boring but neccesary paperwork associated with any business as pain free as possible. Its not the reason that any of us choose to teach guitar or bass for a living but it has to be done. The musician's accounts sheets have space for income and expenditure relating to tuition and gig income as well as an easy to use diary and appointments system. TweetGuitar Chord Grids: Giant "Letter Sized Study Aids" Click the image to the left to get Just one of the giant guitar chord grids that you can distribute to your students and/or stick up on the walls of your teaching studio. If you like what you see then go to the BIG GRIDS page where you can download a file with more than twenty of them completely free of charge. The charts are ideal for guitar teachers involved in group teaching (just stick them up where the whole group can see them). These diagrams are also a great resource to distribute to your guitar students. Your customers can stick them on their own walls at home as a cool looking study aid. There are many posters that you can get displaying tiny versions of hundereds of guitar chords but the problem is that you have to get up real close and squint at a tiny diagram. the BIG GRIDS turns that idea on it's head. Your students can study guitar chord diagrams without even getting out of bed if they want to. A recent addition to our download (and remember that you get everything that you can see on the website for a single payment of $25.00) are the Ukulele Teaching Resources.

I hope that helps give you some ideas about which music theory books to buy. There is a lot to choose from, so it can get a bit overwhelming knowing which one to go for. Finding the right music theory book is like finding the right teacher.

I have been using your fantastic music theory sheets and PDF downloads to teach high school piano theory to 28 students per class, all of whom are at different levels of study and accomplishment. Your method is comprehensive and easily accessible to students of all ages. What a great philanthropist and talented musician you are and it is indeed a pleasure to have discovered that I can thank you (in person) on Facebook ... Thanks again for all you do for music education. Iras L. Roback, Orchestra Director, Venice High School, Venice, Florida

I am excited about the way my students have received this material. I have observed an improvement in the sight-reading of several of them, along with a more complete understanding of what their music is actually saying and doing. Your material is more comprehensive, yet easier to understand, than any other source I have found in almost 50 years of teaching. My passion is theory, harmony and composition, and you have provided an excellent tool.

Jon Chappell has jammed with countless blues musicians at Chicago's blues clubs. He is an award-winning guitarist and composer as well as past editor- in-chief of Guitar Magazine and Home Recording Magazine. His other books include Guitar For Dummies, Guitar Exercises For Dummies, Classical Guitar For Dummies, and Rock Guitar For Dummies


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