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Buy Gold Hoop Earrings

A lot of hoop options are dipped or plated, partly to keep price low and to keep the bigger styles light enough not to drag the earlobe down. But these real gold options are meant to last and designed not to be too heavy.

buy gold hoop earrings

Medium hoops are the perfect finishing touch to almost any outfit you put together. Endlessly wearable, these thicker, slightly larger earrings frame your face without taking away from your 'fit, which is probably why celebs and TikTok girlies gravitate en masse to this particular size of gold hoops. You can't go wrong with anything Mejuri or Jenny (two TikTok-approved jewelry brands with many bestsellers), but if you want something more unique, Laura Lombardi's ridge hoops are both a statement and an everyday addition.

Hoop Thickness: Like their size, hoop earrings can come in a variety of different thicknesses. We often see large hoop earrings leaning towards the thin side and smaller hoop earrings being thicker (but not always). This makes larger hoops a little more affordable and smaller hoops a little more substantial.

Closure: The two most popular types of hoop earring closures are hinged and continuous/endless. With hinged hoop earrings, a curved post on the inside of the earring snaps into a latch to secure the earring. In hoops with an endless/continuous design, the post slides into the hollow hoop end for a seamless appearance.

Gold hoop earrings are available in several finishes, with polish and satin among the most popular. Rustic styles often have a hammer finish whose pattern resembles little pebbles, whereas some modern styles have distressed finishes with fine textures that add dimension. Certain gold hoops feature more than one finish in their designs as well.

Fashion gold hoops may be embellished with rhinestones, charms, chains, tassels or other affordable materials. Fine gold hoops, as well as many gold-plated and vermeil hoops, may be adorned with diamonds or gemstones. Generally speaking, the more expensive the embellishments are, the more expensive the hoop earrings will be.

Affordable gold hoops, which mostly include gold-tone styles, cost $50 and below. Gold-plated and vermeil styles typically cost $75 and above, and real gold hoops cost anywhere from $100-$2,000, depending on the designer and which embellishments they have.

A. Gold hoop earrings can be worn with most gold-tone necklaces and pearl strands. However, you may wish to opt for a certain hoop size, depending on the necklace style. Smaller hoops, for example, tend to look better with most necklaces. Larger hoops can be worn as well if you prefer a statement jewelry look.

A. A qualified jeweler can repair gold hoop earrings and other jewelry. However, if they need to add gold to repair the earrings, as opposed to stretching it, you may need to pay for the cost of the repair as well as the cost of the gold.

Simply use the drop-down menus to select your perfect pair of gold hoop earrings and your new favorite accessory will arrive at your doorstep very, very soon. Remember to review the FAQ section of our site as by purchasing this pair of hammered gold earrings you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. If you have any questions regarding these handmade earrings, simply send us a message prior to purchase.

Bring in your old gold and unwanted jewelry to Albert's Diamond Jewelers! Voted #1 in the region for 28 consecutive years! At Albert's, we celebrate a 100 year tradition of integrity, exceptional service and pay the highest prices for your gold and diamonds. Our estate buyers will do a free evaluation for one piece to an entire estate. We specialize in diamonds of all sizes and shapes. So, whether you want to buy sell or trade, we are the place to be.

Hoop earrings represent one of the oldest styles of earrings on Earth. A fundamentally simple concept, hanging hoops from one's ear is an elegant way to express artistic beauty with precious materials. But don't think that "ancient and simple" means "old and boring." On the contrary, hoop earrings provide a gorgeous framework on which ultra-modern and elegant designs can be worked. Here at Albert's Diamond Jewelers, we showcase hoop earrings from the top designers in the industry. This means that when you're looking for the right hoop earrings for you, you're sure to find them when you visit our showrooms.

Kabana is one of our most colorful and novel designers of hoop earrings, and that's an easy assertion to make. Their earrings are designed with organic interplays of spiny oyster shell and mother of pearl, their leaf-like contours framed in 14k yellow gold and delicate pave-set diamonds for accents. If you're in the mood for hoop earrings that are more diamond-rich, you may appreciate the Roberto Coin Symphony and Roman Barocco collections of earrings. These delicate earrings, made from lattices of intertwined 18k gold ropes, have the spaces between the ropes filled with nearly hidden diamonds. The subtle glint of the diamonds harmonizes with the shine of the gold.

Sometimes, you just want a more casual pair of earrings you can put on for the sake of a little glitz, and the Alluring Hearts and Contemporary Pearls collections from famed designer PANDORA are ideal ways to express casual chic while still wearing top-shelf jewelry. The playful little CZ-studded hearts of the latter and the rose gold-plated cradling of white pearls in the latter make for an unbeatable choice. Alternatively, you could embrace the stunning Balinese-inspired collections of John Hardy, whose Bamboo and Classic Chain collections blend the cool perfection of 925 sterling silver with centuries of history and tropical landscapes to make incomparable hoop earrings.

For over 114 years, Albert's Diamond Jewelers has been the first and last word in Indiana's fashion jewelry scene. Our collections of earrings, which includes our hoop earrings, are second to none, and our century-long passion for beautiful jewelry has led us to only showcase the most elegant pieces. This passion means that we're also exceptionally proud of our bridal jewelry and other fashion jewelry, including fashion rings, bracelets, and necklaces. If your interest has been piqued by our hoop earrings or brands, give us a call at (219)-322-2700 or take a visit to our Schererville Indiana showrooms today!

As we open ourselves to new possibilities, the Universe fills our hearts, minds and spirits with meaning. Gold earrings, crafted in an open work design, reflect the petals of lavender, totem of higher consciousness and connectivity. Height - 24mm Width -17mm 18kt gold plated over brass Made in Thailand 041b061a72


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