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Nero 12 Mp3pro

Piece of Crap - Really don't like this plug in. Misses features, overrides the much better nullsoft processor and does not enhance the quality of mp3pro's sufficiently. For listening to mp3pro use JetAudio which has the mp3pro decoder build in - May 7, 2008 by Arne Bokkers

Nero 12 mp3pro

Its pretty damn good - Gotta hand it these guys for coming up with something that should be incorporated into winamp already! It works just fine for me, and theres no quality loss with the normal mp3 files either. Another review said it sounded horrible on decent speakers. I'm running a 5.1 setup, and can notice no difference in the normal files, only a good difference in the mp3pro files. Good Stuff! - May 1, 2004 by Ron Maran

Bad Plugin - It is a good thing that they invented mp3pro files cause they are way smaller. I started changing all my mp3 files (almost 6000) into mp3pro files. At first i liked it cause i saved big gigas of hdd space, and with my old two speakers there was no problem listening to them smoothly (or so i thought). Now I have a 5.1 sound system, and the normal mp3 files sound great, but if i dont install this mp3pro plugin the mp3pro files sound bad. Once I install it, the mp3pro files sound a little better, but the normal mp3 files sound awful. So I don't like this plugin at all. That's y I rated it only 1 star. Thanks. - April 1, 2004 by Slim Shady

Christopher Whitehead - Christopher Whitehead You don't need to reload winamp, just close the plugin window and replay the track you were playing. You will see the 22kHz changing to 44kHz. The strange thing is that for you the plugin was not set by default on Play all mp3. I did not have the problem when I install it. Do you have the latest version ?Anyway, I have encoded (with nero) more than 4000 mp3pro (from original CD) and it's great. A try does not cost anything but may change your life for better - April 23, 2002 by NacNac MOTT


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