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Where To Buy Amana Refrigerators

Opening up the freezer door reveals the main surprise of this fridge: Unlike most other bottom-freezer refrigerators, which have a freezer drawer, the ABB1921BRM has a swing-style door and a compartment with a wire shelf, basket, and a single, full-width bin on the door.

where to buy amana refrigerators

Counter-depth refrigerators are always more expensive than standard-depth fridges, and this is accounting for its specialized size. While the Amana is still a standard-depth fridge, it is very narrow and comes with a premium price. Cramming all the same components into a smaller space typically requires some impressive feats of engineering, so the more you shrink down an appliance, the higher its price tends to rise.

Thanks for sharing these tips. The same advice that you give for household refrigerators and freezers apply to commercial refrigerators as well. I agree with you that any fridge over 10 years old should seriously be considered to be replaced. This is because there has been so much technology introduced in the past 10 years that you are likely spending too much money on energy. Look for refrigerators with the energy star label so that you know they are efficient and will do the job right.

A lot of the energy efficiency and convenience features are just another thing that will potentially break. Older refrigerators were simpler, and relied on fewer fans, relays, and circuit boards to get the job done. 041b061a72


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