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Amped Five Software Free Download -

Amped Five Software Free Download -

Amped FIVE is a forensic image and video enhancement software that can help investigators analyze and clarify digital evidence from various sources. It can load images, videos, and hundreds of proprietary CCTV/DVR formats, and apply filters and tools to restore and enhance the quality of the visual data. It can also generate a detailed scientific report that documents every step of the processing chain, with references to the algorithms and sources used.


Amped FIVE is used by forensic labs, law enforcement, military, security, and government agencies worldwide. It is compatible with standard PCs (Windows 7/8/10, 32 bit and 64 bit versions), and the installation and activation process is quick and easy. It is also available in different bundles and subscriptions, depending on the needs and budget of the users.

However, Amped FIVE is not a free software. It is a professional tool that requires a license to use. The price of Amped FIVE depends on the type of license, the number of seats, the duration of the subscription, and the region of the user. According to the official website, Amped FIVE can be purchased as a perpetual license or as a subscription license. A perpetual license allows the user to use Amped FIVE indefinitely, but requires an annual maintenance fee to receive updates and support. A subscription license allows the user to use Amped FIVE for a fixed period of time, with updates and support included in the fee.

There are also different options for purchasing Amped FIVE as part of a bundle or a team subscription. A bundle includes Amped FIVE along with other Amped Software products, such as Amped Replay, Amped DVRConv, Amped Engine, or Amped Authenticate. A team subscription includes four seats of Amped FIVE and two seats of Amped FIVE Live Online Training for a discounted price.

The exact price of Amped FIVE and its bundles and subscriptions is not publicly disclosed on the website. Users who are interested in buying Amped FIVE need to contact Amped Software directly or through their authorized resellers to request a quote. Users who want to try Amped FIVE before buying can also request a free trial from the website. The free trial lasts for 30 days and allows the user to access all the features and functions of Amped FIVE.

In conclusion, Amped FIVE is a powerful and reliable forensic image and video enhancement software that can help investigators deal with digital evidence from various sources. It is not a free software, but it offers different options for purchasing licenses, bundles, and subscriptions that suit different needs and budgets. Users who want to buy or try Amped FIVE can contact Amped Software or their authorized resellers for more information.


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