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You can purchase urns from crematories, funeral homes, various online retailers, and other providers (and yes, even Costco). See more about who sells urns here.Purchasing an urn is not mandatory, and you do not have to buy one from your funeral home or crematorium. In many cases, crematoriums provide a temporary container or transparent plastic bag to house the ashes in following the cremation. Depending on how you choose to commemorate your loved one, you can go with a (temporary) urn or a more expensive, personalized one, or something in between.

buy urn

If you plan on scattering the ashes, whether it be in a body of water or elsewhere, consider purchasing an eco-friendly and biodegradable urn. Not only is this the best choice for the environment, but it also helps you avoid a mishap of having the ashes blown back as you scatter them. Instead, you would simply place the urn containing the ashes into the water.Prior to making any arrangements, ensure that you have done the due diligence around scattering ashes in your province or town. In most cases, as long as you have legal permission from a land owner, you can scatter the ashes on private property. If you plan to scatter ashes over a body of water, it is allowed in Canada in most government run parks. See more about Canadian ash scattering rules.

If you are planning to keep the urn safe and sound at home, choose a spot that is out of reach from mishaps and the hands of little children or pets. With this option, you can choose whichever style and material you prefer.Check out the wide range of urns available online.

If you have chosen to bury the cremated remains of a loved one, a cemetery will be able to provide the information you need. Green cemeteries will only allow biodegradable urns, and if you are working with a traditional cemetery, ground burial requires urns made of wood, metal, or bronze.See more about urn burial here.Further, some cemeteries may require a vault that will protect the urn and keep the ground from collapsing. Check with your cemetery before proceeding.Looking for biodegradable urn options? Click here.

If you are choosing this option, make sure to check with your chosen mausoleum before purchasing your urn. In many cases, they do not accept wooden urns, and only accept the following: ceramic, plastic, or metal urns. They also require urns be a specific size since each niche at the mausoleum has a set size. Metal urns come in various styles and size. Find what you need on in our online urn store.

Considering your budget beforehand will help you make better choices when buying an urn for cremation. Depending on size, material, shape, and if you choose to personalize or not, urns can cost anywhere between $50-$500. Some fine urns can even exceed $1000.

As mentioned above, urns come in a number of sizes, shapes, and materials; from wood and ceramic to plastic and metal, there are many different materials to choose from. Further, you can take these materials and place them in either of the following categories: permanent and non-permanent.

Choosing the material for your urn is dependent on what you and your loved ones plan on doing with the ashes. Scattering ashes would require a biodegradable option, while one that will be housed in your home or a mausoleum could be made of permanent material. When you choose which material to go with for the urn, we suggest considering the personality and the preference of the deceased first. From there, consider the appearance and the functionality of the urn.

Since 1998, has provided the widest selection of cremation urns for human remains. manufactures, sells and distributes a wide selection of urns for cremation and cremation jewelry as pendants, bracelets, etc.

Human cremation urns come in a wide range of styles made from different materials including marble urns for ashes, handcrafted wood urns, alabastrite urns, solid brass urns, cloisonné urns, ceramic urns, as well as biodegradable urns.

Browse the online catalog to compare urn vaults for burial, infant cremation urns for babies ashes, keepsake urns and collections, pet urns for cats and dogs, tealights to light your remembrance For help understanding which urn is best for you, visit the blog for a wealth of information about the various types of urns for sale.

You may only buy one or two cremation urns throughout your life. Let us help you with the process of purchasing an urn by giving you a list of popular online retailers that sell them. You may also benefit from reading this guide to buying urns.

Most urn retailers say to plan one cubic inch of space for each pound the person weighed. So, the remains of a 145-pound person would fit into an urn with at least 145 square inches of space. Younger, taller people may require more space, as they may have had a greater bone density before they died.

If you can dream it, Foreverence can make it. The company uses a 3D printer to make your design into reality. Do you want your cremated remains stored in an urn that looks like an African elephant? A space shuttle? Ballet slippers? Foreverence can make this happen. They even designed a custom-made urn to hold the cremains of rock legend Prince.

Regardless, Perfect Memorials is a great company to turn to if you would like an urn shaped like a piano, electric guitar, slot machine, motorcycle, gardening equipment, or a duck. Please understand that they cannot be customized to the point of looking exactly like your muscle car or duck, but they are much less expensive than the exact replicas that Foreverence can create.

The company offers wood urns, pet urns, cremation jewelry, and traditional vase-like urns in every design and color imaginable. You can purchase urns made from wood, brass, metal alloy, marble, glass, cloisonne, and ceramic urns. The urn you are buying can raise awareness for a disease or show that your loved one enjoyed motorcycles.

Stardust Memorials also has a wide variety of urn-related products available on its website. You can buy urns made from many different materials, keepsake urns, cremation jewelry, and urns in every style, color, theme, and size. They also sell urn vaults, which you may be required to purchase if you choose to bury the urn of your loved one in a cemetery. You can also buy urns made specifically for water burial.

One World Memorials is another online marketplace you should consider consulting before purchasing an urn. It offers box urns as well as those that display photographs. Many urns are engravable, and these come in a wide variety of colors and styles. It also offers hand-painted cremation urns and those made with Himalayan salt (which are biodegradable).

We like how One World Memorial organizes its website. You can search for urns by how they will be used. Once you know if you will keep, scatter, bury, or share the ashes, you can find an urn appropriate for your situation. They offer environmentally friendly urns as well.

Although Urns Northwest offers a wide variety of traditional urns, you may want to check out its website if you are looking for wooden urns with an intricate carving. Be prepared to pay more for these beautiful pieces, as the wooden urns cost from $200 to $700.

They also offer ceramic, stone, and glass urns in shapes and designs that you would not be able to find on many of the other websites we mentioned, but the prices are a bit higher than the other mass-produced products.

As you could imagine, growing a diamond out of cremains (or fingernail clippings or strands of hair) is an expensive and lengthy process. The price depends on the color and carat of the diamond and can range between $3,000 and $50,000. The process can take between seven and ten months.

As we mentioned earlier, most urn retailers advise customers to consider the healthy weight of the deceased when buying an urn. For example, if the person weighed 150 pounds, ensure the urn has at least 150 cubic inches of space inside.

You could give the urn to the cremation provider or funeral home and ask the staff to transfer the remains inside. They may charge a fee for this process, and you might need to sign a waiver that the funeral home is not responsible for the urn you purchased from an outside vendor.

Instead, purchase an urn from a local funeral home or cremation provider. Not only will you be supporting a local business, but the staff will also be able to ask the critical questions that need to be addressed when selecting an urn. And, of course, if you purchase the urn from the cremation provider, it will simplify the process. You will only have one bill to pay, and the staff will put the remains directly inside the urn you purchase.

Besides looking at the cost of the urn, you need to pay attention to the material it is made from, and the size. Glass or marble urns can break if they fall from your mantle. Some urns you see at a reasonable price are actually small keepsake urns, not full-sized urns.

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Knowing how to buy an urn will alleviate the stress of buying an urn. There are various things to consider which can cause stress. But, having a clear idea of the final resting place and the material you want and knowing the price range will help simplify the process.

An urn is a container or a vessel in different shapes, such as a box or vase, that is meant to hold the remains or ashes after the cremation. Urns are available in different materials, such as wood, ceramic, granite, marble, glass, crystal, bronze, brass, stainless steel, resin, and other materials.

Where to buy urns for ashes? You can buy the urn from funeral homes, crematories, online retailers, and other providers. Purchasing an urn is not mandatory because you can collect the ashes in a temporary container or transparent plastic bag from the crematory. 041b061a72


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